Building Demolition: General Preparation Protocols

Buildings are demolished for various reasons. Firstly, a building may be demolished if it poses a risk to the occupants and the general public due to a structural fault. Secondly, a building may be demolished to build a modernized structure such as a skyscraper. A building may also be demolished to pave the way for another development such as a highway or a sports stadium.

Demolition of a building is a careful process that must adhere to local and national laws. Moreover, demolitions must take into account public safety. In this article, read on the preparation protocols for building demolition.

Authorisation to Demolish

Building demolitions is a tightly regulated affair in most states. This is due to the hazardous nature of the exercise in terms of the environment and public safety. It is recommended that before a building is demolished, the necessary permits are sought from the building and construction authorities in your region.

Notice to Current Occupants

Some buildings marked for demolition are occupied up to the time of the planned event. The occupants could be commercial businesses or residents. These occupants must be notified with an intention to demolish in good time. This is to allow them to look for alternative abodes and business premises. The notice period is mostly prescribed by the relevant statutes.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Building demolitions has a negative impact on the environment. To be precise, demolitions release clouds of dust hence polluting the air in the vicinity. Demolition is also a noisy process and will, therefore, be an irritant to the ears of the nearby residents. Demolition may also lead to derelict land. It is vital that an impact assessment is conducted to determine the result of the destruction on the environment. Ways of mitigating the damage should also be put in place.